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There are only 4 English words in common use ending in "-dous": hazardous, horrendous, stupendous, and tremendous.

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  • okay so I got. Transpire.... Words of the day, but I thought it meant something else so you really do learn something new everyday if you try to, besides it's good for the brain! Thank you very much
  • dose eneyone know what entrepreneur mean if you do not know please go onthe enternet please tell me if you knoe it
  • Fun Fact! On your page that describes the 'Definitions API' and how to get it, the word 'definitions' is spelled DEFNITIONS. (somebody at STANDS4 needs a 'whupping' with a wet noodle!) tsk tsk tsk......
  • Excellent................You made things very easy for writing eassyas and articles. Thanks.
  • I just bookmarked this page. Very good (excellent web page). I will use it in the future.
  • Just added in two definitions of Cosha. Hoping that the submissions will be accepted.
  • I appreciate the word of the day and definition. It helps to keep my brain active. Pain consumes most of my brain thought, so the errors of the day and definition, and your interesting facts look this site are something I really look forward to. Thank you so much!� 
  • Un excellent outil pour les définitions, les corrections orthographiques et les traductions des textes dans WORD, surtout pour le français
  • You should ad how to pronounce the word Like phonetically so I know I'm saying it right
  • Can anybody tell me why "encountered" and "trough" which are both words I use My computer does not recognise??
  • I understand now why allocution is the Road Word = Trump is constantly defending himself before sentencing
  • It really help if you want to make reference to word detail meaning
  • como cambia a español este diccionario por favor lo que pasa es que en Word las que trato de buscar no me busca ninguna respuesta y me sale unas palabras en ingles y deseo saber en español
  • Excelente oportunidade de aprendizado para quem que estudar as artimanhas do teclado de atalhos. Deixando, de lado um pouco, o uso do mouse.
  • generalistic Is not a legitimate word just because Hillary Clinton used it in a deplorable statement. Why haven't the grammarians spoken up?
  • someone used the term "summed up in Christ". How would one say that another way?
  • Definitions.net is excellent reference page for easy translations and grammer page.